{primary} Powering Progress

Motus (the Latin word for motion) has been chosen as the new name for a leading vehicle group that will interpret global trends in motoring and mobility to deliver value to all stakeholders. Mobility requirements are in motion. Attitudes to the ownership and use of vehicles are in motion. What we sell, where we sell, how we sell, and who we sell to, demands new thinking and innovation. We have to be in motion in a sector of mobility that is experiencing the greatest wave of change in decades. Yesterday’s formulae for success will not guarantee progress tomorrow. And so we are changing, we are in motion, we are Motus.

How it works

  1. Ensure at least one agent has manager level access *
  2. Once enabled, all leads will be sent to CDK Autoline Drive
  3. Leads will be updated with Calldrip data such as call recording, agent who took the call, etc.

{info} * My Agents > Edit Agent > Access Level > Manager