{primary} The Most Powerful Call Routing and CRM Integration on the Market

Specifically designed with the sales manager in mind, Web Control lets you easily create sales processes for automated work plans and consistent follow-up. Analyze lead sources, measure performance and track ROI to determine where your marketing dollars are best being spent.

With our Calldrip & Web Control CRM solution, you'll have seamless integration allowing you to connect with your customer via phone instantly. Internet leads are also simultaneously updated in both, enabling you to work the lead from call to sale with accurate, real-time information.

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How it works

  1. The customer fills out a form and submits a lead
  2. We ring your sales team
  3. Someone presses 1 to claim the lead and they hear the customer info
  4. Calldrip connects with the customer in about 30 seconds
  5. Customer data flows back into Web Control with notes history and call recording